My Story

Dorian Corcoran

Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! There is no greater way to witness a miracle than to hold a brand, new life in your arms. 

My gift of miracles (shown above, 26, 24, 22, 22 and 18) began twenty-six years ago when my oldest daughter was born. To say that she and my four babies that followed filled a place in my heart that I didn’t know existed, would be putting it mildly. It was a love like none before.  The happiest years of my life, albeit, the busiest, were during those years.  That joy of motherhood and 35 years of marriage, is what has led me to this part of the journey in my life.


Having spent many years in early childhood classrooms, I was very accustomed to spending my days with children, but an infant’s world comes with an awe that can be mesmerizing.


 As your Newborn Care Specialist and Newborn SIeep Consultant, I consider it a great blessing in my life to share in those first days, weeks and months of your journey with your new baby.  It is a time of great change for everyone in your family and I cherish my role in helping to make that time as joyful and peaceful as possible. 


 Our services begin early with assistance in nursery set up and organization so you are well prepared when baby arrives home. We open the lines of communication and are available to answer any questions that may arise before baby is born. Once you arrive home we are there to greet your newest family member and quietly settle in to your new life with expertise and guidance along the way.


Caring for you and your baby is my vocation. Having spent extensive time training as a Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant alongside Laura Corcoran, of Baby Newbie, as well as Gentle Ventures NCS training program, I am prepared be your resource for information, as well as your source of comfort and rest.  Continual education pursuing the latest training and information updates in the field enable me to bring my best practices to you and your family.


 I am a certified Regular Ed and Special Ed teacher and consider it a great gift to have worked with many families and their children towards the common goal to bring out the best in their child. Family dynamics vary from home to home and we at Babynewbie are happy to assist you in whatever is best for your unique family.


First Aid/CPR certified, a certified Nutrition and Holistic Health Counselor, a recipient of the distinguished Assumption College “Family Life Award “.


 Along with caring for my family, I focus on cooking healthy meals, hiking with my dogs, going out for runs while training for my next race and keeping my body, mind and spirit strong and in a place of peace, love and good health. 


I consider it a great gift to share in those first days, weeks and months as you welcome your new baby into your family. Together, we will make it a very fulfilling experience which will set you on the path of confidence and happiness with your baby.