Home Sweet Home 

One of our most effective and popular services is called "Home Sweet Home Stay."  We provide hands on training for first time parents that need or want some support and help with nursing, swaddling, changing, circumcision and cord care in the first 48 hours after they bring their baby/babies home from the hospital.  Postpartum support is the art of providing loving compassionate support, backed by evidence based knowledge to new parents while walking them through the transitions associated with bringing

a new baby home.

Your Newborn Care Specialist will be your personal guide dedicated to helping you build the necessary confidence to equip you for early parenting.  We want to put you at ease – so that you can celebrate this magical time while escaping any anxiety that may come with it.

Rest comfortably throughout the night while your NCS bottle feeds your baby or gently wakes you to nurse your baby —

Let us take care of everything in between – burping, diaper changing, swaddling and cuddling. In the morning when you awake, your NCS will share with you everything your baby did while you were resting so that you may continue the day with consistent care.

Newborn Baby

Overnight Newborn Care

Providing Overnight Newborn Care is proof that we understand and care about the immediate needs of both parents and newborns. We know how joyful and how scary it can be to have a baby/babies, and we love helping families feel relaxed whenever they put their children in our care.   Our goal is to make you feel as calm as possible every night.  As hands on educators, we want you to feel comfortable asking anything!  Consider us your newborn encyclopedia as we help you embrace this new journey into parenthood by providing in home, unbiased based support.  

   We know that being a new mom or dad is demanding.  Utilize our NCS night time service so that your baby is getting the care they need during the wee hours of the night while you get the rest that you need.  Our expertly trained team of specialists are fully equipped to meet the needs of your little one while compassionately providing a peaceful environment conducive to sleep.  Together, we will develop a schedule that feels right to you. You will awake in the morning feeling refreshed knowing your baby was attended properly during the night.

Baby's First Bath

Your baby's first bath should be calm, soothing and comforting.  New parents are often nervous about giving the first bath, so we offer a spa service bathtime with soft lullaby music and newborn massage.  We make sure ahead of time that you have all of the proper bathing tools and teach you how to make bath time something that your baby will love.  This service is included with any 24 hour care,

or can be purchased separately.  

In Home, Facetime, Zoom & Phone Consultations

...Call Now for a free 20 minute consultation

  • Breastfeeding Support - includes Dietary Consultation for Breastfeeding Moms

  • Support for Sleeping/Feeding Schedules-Sleep Consulting can change your life!! 

  • How to . . . ?   There are no stupid questions.  Please call and ask us.  We are here to help!

"Baby Newbie saved us! Coming home from the hospital with a newborn was very challenging and  Baby Newbie made the transition seamless. We learned so many helpful techniques that we now have a baby that sleeps like a champ."

"Happy, calm, sleeping babies and a grateful, well rested mom all thanks to the Baby Newbie team. Everything I know about infant and toddler parenting I learned from them. Their relaxed and easy going temperament is exactly what a mother needs during this hectic time in her and her babies life. Because of what I learned, I felt so confident getting pregnant 6 months after my first baby!!!"

"Baby Newbie gave us the gift of sleep!  As new parents there is no greater gift than sleep. Thank you Baby Newbie for transforming our newborn baby into a champion sleeper!  You guys are an absolute game changer and we can't thank you enough."

"Hiring Baby Newbie was the best thing we did!! Laura was absolutely fantastic, she came to the house, understood our needs and the baby's needs and gave us excellent support and resources. The first night after her visit our baby slept 5 hours in his own crib (previously no more 3 hrs) and in two weeks he was consistently sleeping 10-11 hours though the night (he was only 6 weeks old at that point). Working with Laura has been a game changer in our baby experience. She also helped us identify an underlying issue that the doctors and lactation consultants didn't think about and that was the key to getting our baby to sleep through the night. I highly recommend using this company if you are looking to help get your baby on a schedule and sleep through the night!!!"


Package A - Covers the Initial Consultation and the first week of support


This package includes:

  • In-home visit (typically 2-3 hours) to review the baby's routine. For "out of towners," this is done via a facetime or zoom call.

  • Answer any baby care questions.

  • Ensure proper nursery set up conducive for proper sleep.

  • Recommend daytime and night time schedule and routine for a typical day.

  • Teach you how to sleep train/condition your baby to take naps and sleep a 12-hour stretch at night by the time the baby is 12 weeks of age.  (Provided that there are no reflux or allergies or other medical reasons  preventing this timing).

  • One week of daily text support and daily phone conversations as needed. (9am-8pm)

Package B - Covers 4 weeks of support

This package includes everything in Package A plus:

  • 2 additional weeks of consultations including a second in home visit, or facetime call at week 2 and week 3 (typically 1hour) to ensure that your baby is doing well and is progressing, as expected, for his or her age

  • Answer any questions or concerns that may come up during this time.


Package C - Covers 6 weeks of support

This package includes everything in Package A and B plus:

  • 2 additional weeks of text and phone support to ensure that your baby is doing well and is progressing, as expected for his age. 

  • Covers next steps for swaddling hands free and other recommendations for when your baby leaves the newborn stage and enters the infant stage. (typically 1 hour)


Thank you for reaching out to Baby Newbie and please let us know if you have any questions or would like to customize your own package according to your families needs.  


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