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​Our Mission is to provide new and expectant parents with the highest standard of newborn care and parental support, training and education during this extraordinary time in their life.  Our services begin in the first hours after arriving home from the hospital, where you will be supported by one of our extremely knowledgeable Newborn Care Specialist's through the transitions associated with bringing a new baby home.   We are passionate about offering excellence in postpartum recovery and care.

Your NCS will be your personal guide dedicated to helping you build the necessary confidence to equip you for early parenting.  We want to put you at ease – so that you can celebrate this magical time while escaping any anxiety that may come with it.  Rest comfortably throughout the night until your NCS gently wakes you to nurse your baby, or bottle feeds so that you can achieve needed sleep.

Let us take care of everything in between –  burping, diaper changing, circumcision and cord care,  swaddling, baby laundry, washing and sterilizing. In the morning when you awake, your NCS will share with you everything your baby did while you were resting so that you may continue the day with consistent care.

If it is consulting help that you are in need of, we offer video, phone and text support.  We have been in your shoes and know what you are going through.  We offer no judgement support and are here to help you.  No question is too small.  We truly enjoy helping parents and find great value in the relationships that we have built over the years.  We believe that respect and love in all things is most important, especially when caring for children.  We are specifically trained to understand and explain the nuances of newborn babies.  We love babies and have devoted our careers to them and their parents. 


"Hiring Laura was the best thing we did!! Laura was absolutely fantastic, she came to the house, understood our needs and the baby's needs and gave us excellent support and resources. The first night after her consultation our baby slept 5 hours in his own crib (previously no more 3 hrs) and in two weeks he was consistently sleeping 10-11 hours though the night (he was only 6 weeks old at that point). Working with Laura has been a game changer in our baby experience. She also helped us identify an underlying issue that the doctors and lactation consultants didn't think about and that was the key to getting our baby to sleep through the night. I highly recommend using this company if you are looking to help get your baby on a schedule and sleep through the night!!!"  -Andrea K.

 “Said a prayer for you and sending positive vibes for a safe trip home...thank you again for everything, you are so so so incredibly helpful and I appreciate all that you've done for our family -- taking such phenomenal care of Baby A, helping me with tremendous anxiety postpartum, all of your advice and dedication to Baby A, being so kind and thoughtful to our other child too, and helping with things outside of just newborn care. Any family that works with you is in such capable and compassionate hands.”


"Laura brought so much calm and peace to our lives as soon as we brought our twins home, as we also had a toddler.  She never seemed phased by being up during the night to feed both babies or all the tasks that come with twins.  She brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to me as she helped me with my nursing issues, set a feeding and sleep schedule and established a bath and bedtime routine, which was a key concern of mine. Laura always had everything completely under control and did it seamlessly.  She is an amazingly competent and lovely person and is truly meant to help care for newborns.  It is her gift, and I have been lucky enough to benefit from it." -Kate S.


 "Dorian was a godsend from the day I first talked with her. During her time with my son and I, she was so attentive to him, but also to me. She showed him love as if he were her own child. Dorian also made sure that I was taking care of myself in my recovery period. She is kind, attentive, and so very knowledgeable when it comes to babies. I whole-heartedly trust her, and would not hesitate to recommend her.  She was the light I needed to find my way into this new realm of my life." -Lauren C.

"Laura was a life-saver for me and my husband when our twin girls were born.  We had a not-quite-two-year-old daughter when H and E arrived, so it hadn't been too long since we had taken care of a newborn and we had never had any at-home assistance before, but managing two at the same time plus a toddler was another story.  Laura allowed my husband to get full nights of sleep before going into work, and me to really rest between nursing sessions.  But Laura did more than simply let us rest easy knowing someone loving and capable was watching our girls.  She has an incredibly calming presence, immediately putting us at ease, and provided invaluable advice and coaching on every element of newborn baby care.  She introduced us to new gadgets (like the baby shusher - woo hoo!) and advised us on how to set up the girls' room to make it conducive to sleep.  With our eldest daughter, I had nursed on-demand.  But with two little ones, getting them on a schedule early was essential.  Laura gave great advice on how to help the schedule evolve and worked with me on maintaining a good schedule while exclusively breastfeeding the girls.  Although few things with babies (or people, for that matter) are linear, with Laura's help, the girls had made it 8hr stretches between feedings overnight by the time they hit 12 weeks.  In addition to helping us through schedule changes as the babies grew, Laura was always willing to talk me through the challenges of the day.  As an example, before I was able to tandem nurse Hazel and Eloise, Laura advised me on how to safely arrange the baby who had already eaten while I nursed the second baby so that if she started fussing I could prop her up and hold her while continuing to nurse baby number 2.  Laura not only brought years of experience with newborn babies (including twins!), she brought caring and compassion for our entire family for which we could never compensate or thank her enough.  Relief would wash over me when Laura would arrive at our house at 7pm, not just because I was "off duty" until morning except for nursing, but because I could talk to Laura about how the babies did during the day, ask her questions, and get her advice.  She would always listen calmly and offer thoughtful suggestions, or sometimes just serve as a sounding board for me.  I cannot recommend her enough for newborn baby care." -Erin L.

"Laura and Dorian are the absolute BEST baby nurses, sleep consultants and overall people ever! Laura was our baby nurse for 10 months for our twin babies and I’ve never felt more at ease than when she was around. She was like a second mother to our children and became part of our family immediately. She is such a natural with babies and has truly found her calling. My son was two when the twins were born, so Laura was my saving grace in helping out with that transition from 1 to 3. She got our twins on the best schedule and I still go to her advice and she comes to visit all the time. My friends even call her for advice because they know how good she is with schedules and baby questions. No one I could recommend more or respect more! We were lucky enough to meet Dorian through Laura as well. Dorian stayed with our three kids when we went on a trip and I knew they were in great hands the second I met her and all I had her about her from Laura. My three kids had an amazing weekend with her and I came home to an immaculate house. These two go above and beyond and truly know what they are doing and make you feel so comfortable. They are so passionate about what they do and will love your baby like their own. They are the best in the biz!"  -Christie M.

"Consulting with Baby Newbie saved us! Coming home from the hospital with a newborn was very challenging but Dorian and Laura made the transition seamless. We learned so many helpful techniques that we now have a baby that sleeps like a champ.  Even months later, after a vacation overseas, we needed help and reached out to Baby Newbie for additional support.  They were able to get us back on track within a week.  The best call we ever made!"

-Colleen J.

"Happy, calm, sleeping babies and a grateful, well rested mom all thanks to Laura and the Baby Newbie team. Everything I know about infant and toddler parenting I learned from Laura. Her relaxed and easy going temperament is exactly what a mother needs during this hectic time in her and her babies life. Laura’s the reason I felt so confident getting pregnant 6 months after my first baby!!!"  -Kristen C.

"Laura made an interesting statement that I will never forget, "There is no such thing as a 'bad' baby."  We have found her night time routine, feeding, bath, massage to be amazing.  More importantly, she set my family with a routine to follow.  She also gave us some daytime tricks that we found invaluable.  As a result, our baby has been happy and on a predictable routine, which we have continued to follow.  With Laura's guidance we have come to know his cues very well and resolve any fussiness at the get -go.  She is a wealth of information and still a valuable resource that I can reach out to even months later.  Looking back, I wish I had known her when I had my first child!  Laura is gentle, kind hearted, and a loving person.  And she truly loves babies- she treated our son as if he were her own.  The combination of that with her expertise really is priceless in a baby nurse and we are so fortunate that she has become a part of our family.  She will always have a special place in our hearts."  Nina C.