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Life Saving Device

**Must Have Item**

Every Parent and Caretaker should take a CPR and First Aid Class.  Choking is something that can happen once your infant starts to chew on toys or begins eating solids.  Always make sure that the toys they are playing with are safe and acceptable for their age.  Newborns should never be given food or objects to chew on before they are 4 months old or later.  This choking device is life saving for a person who has an item lodged in their airway.  When you need this device- you need it quickly!  I recommend having one in every car that the child travels in as well as at home or at a caretakers, grandparents or daycare for easy access.


  • Always keep it in a handy place- not out of the way

  • If it is moved, make sure everyone knows where it is at all times

  • There is a practice piece that everyone should use for practice

  • Do not hesitate to purchase this life saving item! 

Choking is a leading cause of injury and death among children,
Especially those aged 3 or younger - Please BE PREPARED!

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