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Sleepy Baby


Sleep is extremely important for your growing baby.  Let me set you up for success by telling you what products I use...  If you need any further help, contact me

Woombie Original Swaddle 

Without the snaps for arms out since they will grow out of this before they will ever need that feature

For newborns 5-12 lbs  (recommend having 2)

Large Premium Knit Baby Swaddle Receiving Blanket Grey and White Everest by Copper Pearl

A great swaddle blanket that can be used for swaddling a baby before they "break out" of it as well as an extra blanket or nursing cover up.  The fabric allows a better wrapping process due to its ability to stretch

aden + anais Silky Soft Swaddle Blanket,100% Bamboo Viscose Muslin Blankets

set of 3...these can also be used for a nursing cover up and are great to have as an extra blanket for the diaper bag or stroller

Kyte Baby Bundler

These style gowns are the easiest and fastest to change diapers in middle of the night.  I recommend having 3 nightgowns since babies wet through with a poop diaper or pee on them often

Goumikids Bamboo Organic Cotton Baby Gown

These are the same style gowns as above

Magnetic Me Baby Gown

Another gown option that is amazing but pricey

Merlin Sleepsuit- Transition from Swaddle Suit

For babies over 12lbs or 3-6 months depending on age, weight and height- and also the disposition of your baby.  Might need a medium if your baby is over 4 months when you purchase since these tend to shrink a bit

Dreamland Sleepsac

I love this slightly weighted sleepsac for a “blanket” over a woombie swaddle to keep baby calm and warm- especially for a baby that likes to have their hands in their mouth but it is too soon to soothe that way effectively. OR as a transition after the Merlin Suit to a Sleep Sac.  I use this in both of those ways.

Owl Baby Shusher

This is not in place of the sound machine, but in addition to.  I use this to trigger sleep and help babies to fall asleep 

Lectro Fan and Lectro Fan Mini (perfect for travel!)

I have used many sound machines and these 2 are my favorite for sound and overall volume control

Marmac Dohm Sound Machine and Hush Mini Travel

This is an equally great sound but doesn't offer the amount of volume control , only 2 levels, in the larger machine.  The travel actually has the ability to raise the volume if needed.

Mam pacifier

Baby's are born with a sucking reflex and sometimes they aren't hungry, but need to suck to soothe.  Mam pacifiers have a shorter nipple and are lightweight so easier for the baby to suck and keep in their mouth

Maxi Cosi Bassinet

This is a nice modern bassinet for an awesome price.  The mesh sides are great plus the fact that it raises and lowers to different heights is a plus.

Papablic Bassinet / Bedside Crib

This is a nice bedside bassinet if you are nursing and want an easy way to reach your baby during the night.  

Slumber pod Travel

The Slumber Pod was designed to go with you whenever you travel so that you don't need to worry about black out shades.  It fits over a standard size pack and play, mini crib or toddler cot. The new model features 4 ventilation flaps, a pocket for your baby monitor, and a pocket for a fan.  I highly recommend it to keep the consistency of good sleep when traveling.  Your vacation will thank you :)

Slumber Pod for HOME- "Homebase"- Currently Out of Stock!

I will update as soon as this product is available.  The above item was so popular that customers asked for a Home version to use everyday!  Some people prefer it to opening and closing the shades every time the baby goes in for a nap or to sleep at night and having to even purchase black out shades that are really blocking all the light.


iLuvBamboo Baby Crib Pads

These are awesome to have instead of having to change the crib sheet every time your baby drools heavily or spits up. 

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