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Woombie Original Swaddle 

Without the snaps for arms out since they will grow out of this before they will ever need that feature

For newborns 5-12 lbs.  For twins, I recommend having 4 of these

Kyte Baby Bundler

These style gowns are the easiest and fastest to change diapers in middle of the night.  I recommend having 3 nightgowns since babies wet through with a poop diaper or pee on them often.  Twins means doing everything 2x, so you want the easiest and faster way to do that.

Goumikids Bamboo Organic Cotton Baby Gown

These are the same style gowns as above

Magnetic Me Baby Gown

Another gown option that is amazing but pricey

Owl Baby Shusher

This is not in place of the sound machine, but in addition to.  I use this to trigger sleep and help babies to fall asleep 

Lectro Fan and Lectro Fan Mini (perfect for travel!)

I have used many sound machines and these 2 are my favorite for sound and overall volume control

Mam pacifier

Baby's are born with a sucking reflex and sometimes they aren't hungry, but need to suck to soothe.  Mam pacifiers have a shorter nipple and are lightweight so easier for the baby to suck and keep in their mouth

Maxi Cosi Bassinet

This is a nice modern bassinet for an awesome price.  The mesh sides are great plus the fact that it raises and lowers to different heights is a plus.  I do not recommend putting twins in the same bassinet or crib for sleeping at night.  If they are napping and you want them together for shorter periods of time, that is fine.  In order to establish their best sleep, they need to do it individually at night.  Most twins are in the same room, so they still hear one another and know their sibling is there.  Ideally, I recommend 2 of these bassinets so they each have their own sleep space. 


iLuvBamboo Baby Crib Pads

These are awesome to have instead of having to change the crib sheet every time your baby drools heavily or spits up. 


Twinsie Pillow

This twin specific pillow is a must have for feeding bottles.  If you are mainly breastfeeding you do not need to purchase this, but if you are doing even some bottles, this is a game changer.

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Anti-Colic Baby Bottle - 4oz - 4pk

Dr. Brown's Glass Bottles 4 oz 

My favorite for less gas.  These do have a few parts but they are proven to reduce gas and used most by NCS. I recommend the original style (Glass or Plastic), with the narrow nipple. Depending on how many bottles you are giving, you will need more as you give more or else you will be washing them very often.  Once they take more than 4 oz per feeding, they have the same bottles in a 8oz size.  

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced WiFi

This is basically a "Keurig for formula".   It is especially nice if you have twins since there are double bottles!!  If you are using formula- please go to my Favorites for Feeding to see my Formula suggestions.

Milky Mate Deluxe Bottle Holders - sold individually/ recommend 2

I use these once the twins are old enough to be able to feed in this way- Each baby needs to be properly assessed prior to using


I have used a few different twin strollers and what really matters is how you are using your stroller- to walk in a city or on a residential sidewalk or street,  or are you driving and needing to put it in and out of your car often for other trips?  Each Stroller has benefits for different uses, so first decide how you will use your stroller. 

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller 

This stroller is amazing with bassinets for newborn stage and has side by side seats for older babies.  It has big wheels that make strolling through the city or on any residential streets a breeze.  You can fit through a normal exterior door.  The only thing that is more cumbersome is folding it often since it is so big.  Most double strollers require removing some of the seats prior to folding so it is always a few step process.  


Uppa Baby Vista V2

This is a Front to Back Double Stroller that has many variations.  It rides nicely.  I personally prefer a wider stride than a longer and narrow one.  Overall, the front to bak strollers do fold up a bit easier and take up a little less room in the back of a car since they are meant to be more transportable.

Other double stroller brands that I have used and been happy with are the Bob Double Stroller, The Peg Perego, Thule and 

Honestly, there are soo many strollers on the market now, it is hard to keep up.  That really goes for car seats and other baby equipment as well.  I would definitely go to the store and stroll it to see the ease and folding in person, rather than watching the videos.  It makes a big difference

For all of my other favorites, it is the same as single babies so please see my other sub pages in MY FAVORITES.  If you have questions, I would be happy to help answer anything that seems confusing.  

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