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Activity and playtime with your baby when they are awake is key to helping them develop.  It also serves as a way to tire them out.  Make sure you do as much tummy time as possible during the day, as well as giving your baby stimulating toys to look at, reach for, chew on and listen to.  Colors, music and textures make toys interesting for them.  Of course, actual face time with you is also extremely important.  Talk and sing to your newborn while looking at them and watch their reaction and smiles grow :) 

Around 4 months old, you might see an excess of drooling and your baby wanting to put everything in their mouth and chew on it.  That is typically the beginning of teething.  I have included my favorite teething toys that are safe and helpful in keeping your baby happy.  If it gets unbearable, Baby Orajel is helpful for those times.  It feels good for them to chew on cold teethers when they are close to "cutting" a tooth.  That is when the tooth is breaking through their gums.  As you can imagine, this can be sore and hhe cold teethers or icey food to suck in the on is helpful.  See my Next Stages list for 4 months old +

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