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What do I need to know?  

My favorite tried and true products list, virtual nursery

set up and what

to expect after birth

Supporting a new mom was never so easy!...Add this gift to your registry! 

It has always been my desire to provide resources to new moms beyond my ability to deliver one on one care.  By grouping soon-to-be moms together by their due dates, it allows me to educate, support & empower new parents virtually.  At the same time, we create a safe, non judgmental space for parents to ask questions and feel connected to others in their situation.  In my experience, I have found that supportive relationships make all the difference.

This investment includes:

  • Discharge through the First  Month 

  • Newborn Instruction in Real Time

  • I am your Personal Guide

  • All Virtual through App

  • Ask Questions Day & Night

  • Be Educated, Supported & Empowered

Includes Support & Guidance for One Month
For Babies Birth through First 3 Months
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