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What rested parents are saying . . .

"Laura Is unbelievable.  I can't give her a better review.  I actually cried when she left.  Do not walk but run to book her."

Amanda M.

"Working with Laura was a game changer in our baby experience.  I highly recommend using her to get your baby on a schedule and sleep through the night. In two weeks our baby was sleeping 10-11 hours consistently."

Andrea K.

"Happy, calm, sleeping babies and grateful, well rested mom thanks to Laura.  Her relaxed and easy going temperament is what a mother needs during this time in her life."

Kristen C.

"No one I could recommend more or respect more!  She goes above and beyond and truly knows what she's doing and makes you feel so comfortable."

Christie M.

"Laura has an incredibly calming presence, immediately putting us at ease, and provided invaluable advice and coaching on every element of newborn baby care."

Erin L.

"Laura always had everything completely under control and did it seamlessly.  It is her gift, and I have been lucky enough to benefit from it."

Kate S.

"Laura is amazing!  She was always available for questions or concerns.  She is caring, reliable and extremely knowledgeable and we are so thankful for her love and guidance."

"Laura went above and beyond in every way - support, emotional, wisdom... I felt so relieved and grateful to have her."

Megan W.

"By the end of Laura's time with our family, all of our babies were sleeping and eating on a schedule and had established a bath and bedtime routine, which was a key concern of mine.  The tips, suggestions and interventions she put into place are too numerous to count." 

Jennifer D.

"She is a wealth of information and still a valuable resource that I can reach out to even months later."

Nina C.