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Baby's need their nails filed, boogies removed and temp taken, etc, etc... just like the rest of us. 

Important Tip - I definitely do not recommend cutting a baby's nails until they are about 3-4 months old since

their nail beds (skin) is attached to their nails.  It is better to file them using the electric file, below.

 If you need any further help, contact me and I would be happy to answer any questions

Oogie Bear - Booger and Ear Cleaner

This is a very useful must have product for tiny noses and ears!  

FridaBaby Quick-Read Digital Rectal Thermometer

This is the easiest & safest thermometer for new parents due to its shorter tip and digital reading

Baby Nail Electric Trimmer

This might sound scary but it is extremely gentle on nails -it is actually much easier and better than trimming them as newborns- I highly recommend this item!

Nose Frida

For stuffed noses

Electric Nasal Aspirator

Electric version of the Nose Frida

Only necessary if you have a very stuffy baby

Nail Clippers

Once baby's are over 3 months old, you can clip their nails if it is easier 

Colic Calm Homeopathic Gripe Water

Great for Gassy babies - which all are to some extent.  I like better than the average gripe water

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