Baby Bundles

Because Babies don't come with a manual

From 7pm - 7am , You are off duty as  I compassionately take care

of your precious baby so you 

can get a good night's rest. 

Please Contact me to discuss details. 

Up to 7 Days a Week,

I will "live in" and  support you in

establishing best practices

for your newborn - up to 12 weeks. 

Please Contact Me to discuss details.


What do I need to know?  

My favorite tried and true products list, virtual nursery

set up and what

to expect after birth

By the Hour:

  • Perfect for the Newbie Parent

  • Ask Me Anything Newborn

  • When You Are Stuck

  • Stay On Track

  • Need Assurance

Baby 101



Support & Guidance From the Comfort of Your Home

For Babies Birth Through 1 Year Old

Welcome Baby

This investment includes:

  • First 48 hours through the first  week after delivery

  • Zoom Consultation in hospital

  • Lifeline/phone a friend

  • Newborn 101

  • Unlimited Text Support

Includes Support & Guidance
for the first week
For Babies Birth Through 2 Weeks Old

This investment includes:

  • Zoom Call Evaluation

  • Personalized Feeding Routine

  • Newborn Sleep Education

  • App Communication

  • Daily Text Support/Follow Ups


Repeat this Package for Another

2 Weeks or Add on as Needed

For Babies Birth Through 4 Mo Old


nighty night

  • 1 Hr Zoom History/Evaluation

  • Virtual Bedroom Check

  • Feeding & Sleep Education

  • 24 Hour Feeding/Sleep Plan

  • Parent Training 

  • 2 Weeks of Virtual Support

  • End Of Week Follow Up Calls

Sleep Training

Early Intervention is Best

For Baby's 4-6 months Old

sleep tight

  • 1 Hr Zoom History/Evaluation

  • Virtual Bedroom Check

  • Feeding/Sleep Education

  • Custom Feeding/Sleep Plan

  • Daily Communication - Text

  • Up to 3 Weeks of Support

  • 20 Min End of Week Calls

Sleep Training

Through Guided Support

For Babies between 7 Mo- 3 Years Old

Womb to world

  • 1Hr Zoom History/Evaluation

  • Virtual Nursery Room Check

  • Feeding/ Sleep Education

  • Custom Feeding/Sleep Plan

  • Communication via Baby App

  • 12 Weeks of Email/Texts

  • 20 Min End of Week Calls

Establish the Best Routine

from the beginning

Hire at Birth for 12 Weeks