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Laura Corcoran

Newborn Care Specialist


Sleep Consultant

  • On Call while you're in the hospital

           to navigate the first 24-72 hours

  • Virtual Consultations  for Postpartum 

  • Feeding  & Sleep Conditioning & Training            

  • Registry, Organization & Set Up

  Overwhelmed, anxious & tired and you haven't even had your baby yet?  


Think of me as your personal advocate

who will support & guide you

through the transitions associated

with bringing your newborn home.

I am married, the mother of 4 and have

been doing this for decades.  

I am fortunate enough to have

the best clients who have had me back

over and over again for their second

and third children, and even

a second a set of twins! 

I travel all over the country

for 24 hour care.  


Virtually, I consult on

"all things newborn,"

and I sleep condition/ train. 

Please see my baby bundles

for more specific info.  

I provide the highest standard

of best practices

for newborn care and sleep while

training and educating new parents.

I am thrilled when a baby sleeps through

the night and is content and happy. 


I will teach myself out of a job, leaving you feeling empowered and confident, knowing that I am a phone call away should you need to reach out.

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