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womb world

Now what do I do?

I feel so unprepared

  • Breast or Bottle?  

  • What is nipple confusion?

  • How much do they eat?

  • How do they latch & how long?

  • When and how do I swaddle?

Wait, they let us take

the baby home alone?

  • What is wake to feed?

  • How do we bathe them & when?

  • Why do I feel so anxious?

  • How long should I be pumping?

  • When will I feel normal again?


This is Exhausting!

When will they sleep?

  • What do I do with them all day?

  • What is tummy time?

  • What is a developmental leap?

  • When will they roll over?

  • What is a growth spurt?

What rested parents are saying . . .

"Laura Is unbelievable.  I can't give her a better review.  I actually cried when she left.  Do not walk but run to book her."

Amanda M.

"Laura always had everything completely under control and did it seamlessly.  It is her gift, and I have been lucky enough to benefit from it."

Kate S.

"She has an incredibly calming presence, immediately putting us at ease, and provided invaluable advice and coaching on every element of newborn baby care."

Erin L.

"Baby Newbie saved us- the best call we ever made!"

Collen J. 

"No one I could recommend more or respect more!  She goes above and beyond and truly knows what she's doing and makes you feel so comfortable."

Christie M.

"She is a wealth of information and still a valuable resource that I can reach out to even months later."

Nina C. 

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