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Bernetta Gatley

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Most package installation failures occur due to the issues mentioned in the table. Follow the resolution steps to quickly resolve the issues. If you see an unexpected trial or license expiry error message when launching an app, learn how to resolve trial and license expired errors.

Ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements for each product in the deployment package. Using an unsupported operating system version is a common reason for not meeting system requirements. Know the latest operating system guidelines for your Creative Cloud apps.

Ensure that conflicting apps or processes are closed before attempting to reinstall the package. See Resolving process conflicts for a full list. If you are installing Acrobat, close all Office 365 apps apart from the Adobe apps.

Error code 1603 in MSI logs indicates a generic error. You can't ascertain the exact cause of package-deployment failure using this code. To determine the root cause, follow the steps mentioned in the table above.

The following table outlines the broad steps for installing a package containing Creative Cloud apps and updates. If an error occurs at any step, open the PDApp.log file and analyze its contents. If PDApp.log only includes a generic error description, investigate the Install.log file to identify the root cause of the error.

CIS recommends that you enable flow logging for packet rejects for VPCs. Flow logs provide visibility into network traffic that traverses the VPC and can detect anomalous traffic or insight during security workflows.

You can do real-time monitoring of API calls by directing CloudTrail logs to CloudWatch Logs and establishing corresponding metric filters and alarms. Security groups are a stateful packet filter that controls ingress and egress traffic in a VPC.

You can do real-time monitoring of API calls by directing CloudTrail logs to CloudWatch Logs and establishing corresponding metric filters and alarms. NACLs are used as a stateless packet filter to control ingress and egress traffic for subnets in a VPC.

After version 13.7.5, a user can remove installed components by deselecting them while running an updater. This also makes it possible to switch to a smaller variant of the codec pack without uninstalling first.

Oodle Network compression is a unique solution for real-time compression of network traffic, greatly reducing the bandwidth required by game servers. This solution works on all TCP and UDP network packets and significantly reduces the minimum bandwidth required for multiplayer games.

Starting with 4.27, Unreal Engine now officially supports container deployments. Containers provide an option for packaging applications and their dependencies into a single, portable unit that can be deployed either on a local machine or through the cloud. This works similarly to virtual machines, but containers are more computationally lightweight, facilitating a larger number of concurrent deployments.

Based on the open-source infrastructure developed by TensorWorks and the Unreal Containers community initiative, Unreal Engine supports two types of container images: development images, which contain Unreal Editor and its build tools, and runtime images, which can run packaged Unreal Engine projects. This makes it possible to widely deploy your development tools or your end-user applications to the cloud.

A new package option to specify the URL to where crash reports will be sent, in cases where the crash report client is packaged with the game. This option can be found in the advanced package options, by default crash reports from the Editor are sent to Epic unless otherwise specified.

Added -BulkCheckout and -GarbageCollectionFrequency=X options to the ResavePackages commandlet. -BulkCheckout causes all assets likely to be saved during the commandlet's run to be checked out of source control before loading packages. This reduces the number of source control operations needed when working with large numbers of files.


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