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There is something magical that snow brings in the winter months. Even though it signals that it is cold outside, and the warm rays of the sun have come and gone, the snow opens up new worlds of discovery. Instead of green forests and mountainsides, there are vistas of snow draped trees and white capped mountains. Where you once hiked among wild flowers, you now do winter sports like snowshoeing, or downhill or cross-country skiing on icy paths. In many places, the winter months means it is the best time to see the Northern Lights. In city or town centers, the Old Town becomes even prettier with a white dusting over gingerbread roofs. So, where are the best snowy winter wonderlands to visit in Europe

Are you looking for a budget friendly winter destination in Europe Then, you should consider Tallinn. The capital of Estonia has a beautiful medieval old town and is surrounded by lots of nature. Tallinn in winter is a magical winter wonderland with a thick blanket of snow covering the city from December till February. 59ce067264


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